My approach

I’m brett darnesh

My approach to coaching comes from an ecological mind. That is, I view everything to be in a dynamic connection.

On a personal level our thoughts and feelings influence our perceptions and the way we behave and relate with others, as much as our environment and climate of our home, family and sense of place influences us.

My coaching is a blend of educational and mentoring processes.

I am here to support you to be the best father you can be.  My strengths lay with parenting in compassionate and connected ways, and intimate and sexual relating.  I am very pragmatic in finding ways forward through the challenges of parenting and relationships that suit each individual.

AWAKENED is not an end state, but living with intention to learn and grow for the wholesome benefits of yourself, those around you and the greater world.

Areas of Mentoring

Fatherhood balance

Relationship improvement

Sexual mastery

Aware Parenting consultations

Becoming Us Facilitation


Connected and cooperative children

Fulfilling intimate relating

Incredible sex life

Feeling fit, healthy and alive

Deeply satifying life experinces

Relevant Qualifications and Experience

Masters of Social Ecology

Cert IV Wholisitic Counselling

Aware Parenting Instructor

Certified Becoming Us Facilitation

Pelvic Heart Integration

Certified Field Centre Coach

Certified Relationship & Sexuality Coach

ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner Level 1

Tantric Full Body Energetic Orgasm

Tantric Body De-armouring

Tantra Yoni Massage

Personal Experience

I have raised my children with an Aware Parenting philosophy from birth, and have learnt a lot about this approach to parenting through all the stages of childhood.

I have also experienced the process of separation and co-parenting, along with creating a blended family with 5 homeschooled children.  Their current ages range from 6 years to 15.

I have experienced both birth support during c-sections and also ecstatic free-birthing at home.

The past 7 years I have delved deeply into intimacy and sexuality through my relationship, numerous powerful workshops, and practising sexual bodywork for several years.

Over the past ten years I have coached and supported many people through relationship, sexuality and parenting challenges.


Find support. Eliminate barriers. Step into the world as the father you are meant to be.

I see a lot of fathers struggling with life in a family despite their desires.  I know the difference it makes to have support of a mentor who has moved through many challenges of fatherhood and relationships with effective methods to enable long lasting change.

Let’s Start a Conversation


Initial 90 min consultation


Ongoing mentoring (60 mins)